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Synergy Dance Academy offers a wide range of dance programs for dancers of all ages and experience levels.

  • Ballet: Our ballet class teaches you a classical dance style that emphasizes grace, control, and poise.
  • Jazz: Learn from us the dynamic dance form that incorporates sharp movements, fast-paced footwork, and high-energy leaps and turns.
  • Hip Hop: We bring you the urban dance class program characterized by its rhythmic and energetic moves.
  • Lyrical: Get with us on the dance floor to practice an emotional dance style fusion of ballet, jazz, and contemporary.
  • Acro: Hop in to learn a combination of gymnastics and dance that pushes your physical limits.
  • Improv: This free-form dance class allows you to learn spontaneous movements and self-expression.
  • Musical Theater: This class combines the fun and entertainment parts with jazz, tap, and acting elements to bring musicals to life.
  • Jumps, Leaps, and Turns: We teach you the fundamentals of dance techniques to help develop technical skills and help improve overall dance.
  • Strength and Stretching: This dance will help you build strength and flexibility so that you can take your dance skills to another level.
  • Competitive Program: When dancers are ready to take it to the next level and be challenged even more, Synergy also offers a competition dance program that will do just that. Our competitive team is for the dedicated dancer committed to competing in at least 4 competitions a year, attending regional and national conventions, and has an overall drive to leave it all on the stage! While we do offer our company team members the opportunity to compete in solos, duets, and trios, the soul of the company is our ability to compete as a team in the group dances. Join us today if you are ready to shine on the competition stage!

Master Classes and More!

Masterclasses will be held Fridays and Saturdays with varying disciplines of dance from some of the best teachers and choreographers in the area!

Synergy is new, but, it has years of experienced teachers and guest teachers. Synergy will run as a dance academy as well as a “dance complex”, open to everyone, not just Synergy dancers!!

We will have our core teachers training the students weekly. Synergy will have a set curriculum for the students so they will develop strength, flexibility and learn technique that will help them become strong dancers. The guest teachers will then offer a variety of dance styles to also strengthen the dancers! It will be like an “in-house convention”!!

**We are listening! If there is something special, a certain style you are looking for, let us know! We will do our best to bring in a teacher, or use one of our in-house teachers to accommodate your dancer’s wants/needs! **

Private Lessons

Private lessons will be offered to all dancers who want to improve upon certain skills! Private lessons are extremely effective and a huge benefit to all dancers of any age or skill level.

Competition Coach

Synergy is unique because we will have our very own Competition Coach! Caiti, our coach, has many years of experience judging all over the United States! She will work with the dancers, letting them know what judges look for and clean up little details that need polished, so our students can reach their full potential at competitions! Our dancers will be competition ready!!

Pricing for Master Classes

Since we will be having guest teachers throughout the season, we will have master class fees separate from the tuition. The price will be $10/$12 for Synergy dancers and $12/$15 for non-Synergy dancers. This is how we are able to pay our guest teachers for their expertise!!